First Plan of Action

First Plan of Action

First Plan of Action of the Association
Burkina Women’s Education Fund
Adopted 26 June 2011

Initially, the young women chosen by the Burkina Women’s Education Fund to be aided in the pursuit of their higher education will be those financed through secondary school by a sister organization, Solidarité Goëlo-Burkina.

To do this, we will visit Burkina Faso at least once a year to interview those being helped by Solidarité, to determine if they want to go on to university. If so, we will ask them to prepare a budget.

Once we have an idea of the total amount of money needed for the school year to come, we will launch an international fundraising campaign by e-mail.

We will transfer this money to another sister organization, l’Association Burkinabè des Femmes Diplômées des Universités (l’ABFEDU), based in Ouagadougou. (The Burkina Association of University Women.) L’ABFEDU will distribute the money to the young women and, where possible, will pay tuition directly to the academic institution.

Once we are well-launched, we will look for potential beneficiaries other than those aided by Solidarité, which helps principally Catholics, in order to help a wider cross-section of the population.

To help the young women choose their careers wisely, we will seek financing to organize each year a Conference on the Choice of Careers, which l’ABFEDU will conduct for us.

Because disadvantaged women students in Burkina Faso often miss several days of school a month for the simple reason that they lack sanitary napkins, we will establish a Health Fund to provide sanitary products, soap and to look after their basic medical needs.

Travel between home and school is often long and difficult as there is no public transport system in Burkina Faso, we will seek to finance the purchase of bicycles and, when necessary, motorbikes for our beneficiaries.

Should we raise enough funds, we will consider helping girls in their last year of secondary school whom we have chosen to aid at the university level.

Finally, should funds be available, we will help young women who have dropped out of secondary school to get vocational training, such as in dressmaking.