Why Burkina Faso

Why Burkina Faso?

Some ask, why should I help girls in Africa when there are people at home who need help? Good question. But if “at home” for you is a developed country, chances are there is a social safety net to help people in need.

Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in the world. There is no safety net. To help someone in a developed country, you would need a lot of money. To help someone in Burkina Faso costs little. For example, tuition and fees at a university in the USA could cost upwards of $35,000 (27.500€) a year; the University of Koudougou in Burkina Faso can cost as little as 15,000 CFA (23€/$27) a year.

But for me, the most winning argument is the nature of the Burkina people. They have two outstanding qualities—they’re optimistic and hard working. They may not know where their next meal is coming from, but they always believe tomorrow will be better than today.

Here is a snapshot of Burkina Faso in statistics:

Number of kilometers/miles from the Atlantic Ocean: 630/391

Population in millions of people (2012) 16.8

Gross National Income per capita (US$) 550

Percentage of people living in poverty 56.5

Percentage of the land that is arable 17.7

Percentage engaged in subsistence agriculture 90

Life expectancy in years 54

Percentage of males over 15 who are literate 30

Percentage of females over 15 who are literate 15

Percentage who enter grammar school (boys/girls) 18/13

Percentage who enter secondary school (boys/girls) 12/7

Percentage of young people who enter university 2.4


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