Brigitte has been supported from her last year of secondary school. She finished a two-year training program as a primary school teacher in 2015. She didn’t pass the national competitive exam for government service that year, so we paid for her to take preparatory courses and she passed in 2016. She also passed her secondary school diploma exam, the baccalaureate, as a free agent. She currently has a government job as a teacher. (Solidarité)




Brigitte Nabi passed brilliantly her test certifying her as a primary school teacher. Out of over 400 candidates, she finished first. However she did not pass the test for Government Service, her ultimate objective. She did some substitute teaching for a month in Ouaga, but wants to return to Koudougou to take further training for the next test for Government Service in August 2016. (Day 10 and Day 22.)

Brigitte with her sister Pauline, left

Brigitte with her sister Pauline, left


Brigitte is in the second of a two-year program to prepare her to teach at the elementary level. We visited her at her home, where she lives with her Mom and several others. Her Dad died when she was very small.

Brigitte showing us her “bed”.

Brigitte showing us her “bed”.


Brigitte, seated left, observing a class with 80 pupils, January 2015.

She spent nearly all of her second year interning at a primary school. She will return to school for a few months of final study this summer, take an exam and then have to pass a national qualifying exam. But if all goes well, she could soon be in the classroom at the other side of the desk.




Brigitte has been in the dumps the past few years. She lives with her mother, who was widowed when Brigitte was three. She lives and sleeps in one room with her mother and four other girl members of the family. No electricity. She failed her baccalaureate exam twice. She wanted to be a primary school teacher but saw no way to get there. Then Chance for Change stepped in.


C4C paid for her to repeat her last year of secondary school and bought her a bicycle to travel the three miles to school. She no longer has to walk.

She got into a teacher training program and is finally on her desired career path. But she’s not out of the woods yet. She must still pass the baccalaureate exam in May 2014. We’re rooting for her.

The Brigitte that we encountered on our January 2014 visit was totally transformed. Smiling, happy, confident. We’re sure she’s going to make it.