Christine was helped by a Director of the European Commission for her first two years of nursing school. He said he could afford it no longer and asked us to help. We paid for her third year, which ended successfully in 2016. He did not pass the national competitive exam, however, and continues to seek work. (Recommended by a European Commission Director.)


Christine Tietiembou passed her final exam of nursing school with an average of 13.05, which is quite good, but she too failed the test for Government Service. Her family live in the south, near the border with Ghana, but she will stay in Ouaga where the chances of finding a job are better.

Meanwhile, she is living with a cousin and her husband, who also feeds her, and she is working as a volunteer at a local clinic. She will take the test for Government Service again later this year. (Day 26.)


Christine was doing her internship in a place called Ténabo, about 25 km outside of Koudougou. A co-worker found Christine for us; she wasn’t expecting us and was all smiles. It was my first time meeting her. We had a lot to catch up on.


After her baccalaureate degree, her family had no money for her further education. They are from the town of Pô, in the south. She went to Ouaga to look for work to finance nursing school and became a chambermaid to the daughter of a European Commission director who was there doing an internship. The daughter appealed to her Dad to finance Christine’s nursing school. So he paid two years’ tuition at Louis Pasteur until he heard about us. He sent me a personal e-mail and asked if we would take over for her third and final year. We did. I wished Christine luck; she’s worked hard and has a lot of energy. Both young women will graduate this year.