Diane received her Licence degree at the end of 2016 and finished the course work for her Master’s at about the same time. She expects to defend her thesis in 2018. She has had a number of internships with the French bank, Société Générale, but no job offer yet. Recently started a new internship with another bank. Shares an apartment with Clarisse, whom she knows from primary school. Since she has no family in Ouaga, we will continue to give her general support until she finds a job. (Solidarité.)


Diane Kabore is taking evening courses in accounting while doing internships during the day. One of her internships was with the bank, Société Générale; she is did her thesis for the Licence diploma based on this internship.

She finished her course for the Licence in June 2014 and began her coursework for her Master’s in December of that year. The is a delay at her university; she doesn’t yet have her results for the first year of the Master’s, and the courses for the second and final year have not yet begun. She hopes to finish her Master’s coursework in September of this year. Then she will have to do an internship of three months and write a thesis on the basis of it, then defend the thesis. She doesn’t expect her diploma until well into 2017. (Day 4 and Day 6.)




Diane has been with us since 2011. She sucessfully completed her Licence degree in accounting and is now in her first year of Master’s study. She will want to finish her coursework next year. Since both her parents died when she was very young, she was raised by an uncle who would support her no further at the end of secondary school. We stepped in. We have been paying for her to rent an apartment with a friend and to live independently. It was a big risk for us, but Diane has handled it responsibly.

Diane, right, in her two-room apartment, talking with Christiane, the head of the Burkina university women’s group which advises us, January 2015.

Diane, right, in her two-room apartment, talking with Christiane, the head of the Burkina university women’s group which advises us, January 2015.

She shows every sign of success. Her grades have been good; she is perhaps two years away from going on the job market as an accountant.

Diane, January 2015.

Diane, January 2015.



Diane and Sonya

Diane, left, is in her third year in accounting. If successful, she will get her Licence degree this year (2014). Sonya, right, is about to get her Master’s in business management at the same university. We asked Sonya to team up with Diane as her sponsor, to keep an eye on her for us and to offer her advice. Diane’s grades are good and we’re sure she’s going to make it.

Diane's bike
We bought this sturdy bike for Diane three years ago. She does 17 miles a day on it, 8-1/2 miles each way to school. No wonder she’s so fit.

She was orphaned very young and was raised by an uncle in Koudougou. When she came to the capital to study, she became the first that we allowed to rent an apartment. That scared us, but it’s worked out well. Chance for Change pays her tuition, and our sister organization, BWEF, pays rent, food, books, health items and—bicycle repair.


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