Hélène finished her course work for a Master’s in accounting at the beginning of 2017. She has one year to defend her thesis (January 2018). Had her ovarian cysts removed, paid for by us. Continues to live with her brothers. (Solidarité.)


Hélène Yameogo’s institute CERPAMAD is behind for administrative reasons. Hélène has therefore not yet finished her coursework for her Master’s in accounting. She also has three make-up tests to take. But she still hopes to defend her thesis this year. (Day 5 and Day 24.)

Under strong pressure from us, she had a sonogram, which shows she still has ovarian cysts and will need an operation. Dr. Lydie Tapsoba of our Health Fund is advising her.



Hélène is majoring in accounting in Ouagadougou. She has consistently been a good student. She successfully finished her course work for her Master’s in June 2015. As with Juliette, we’ve supported her since 2010. They were our first two beneficiaries.

We found a paying internship for her in 2013. She seemed very proud.

Hélène in 2013

Hélène in 2013

Her father died years ago, but when her mother passed away in early 2014, she seemed to fall apart. When we visited her in January 2015, she was weak, suffering from anemia. Dr. Traoré, Director of our Health Fund, thought she was also depressed. She had four incomplete courses for the academic year 2014-15.

Hélène in crisis in January 2015.

Hélène in crisis in January 2015.

She had sought help from traditional medicine. While we thought this was valid, we counseled her to see Dr. Lydie Tapsoba, Deputy Director of our Health Fund. Something clicked. Now she has her Masters degree.


Hélène, left, with her sister Madeleine outside the Ouagadougou hospital, in January 2014, where their mother was dying.

Hélène, left, with her sister Madeleine outside the Ouagadougou hospital, in January 2014, where their mother was dying.

Hélène was one of our two first beneficiaries. Her initial grant was in 2010. She is now in her first year of a two-year Master’s program in accounting. She gave us a scare this year. She stopped going to class to sit by her mother’s bed every day until she died in January. But at her school, no one was worried. “She’s a fine student; she’ll pull through,” they told us. She’s back in school now and we’re relieved.

health tree hi resWe went to the hospital with Madeleine—Hélène was already there keeping watch—and went to their mother’s room. She had a gentle smile. She was so weak, she struggled to stretch out her hand to greet us. A week later, she was dead.

Outside the hospital, we saw this message carved into a tree: “A healthy man is worth more than all the world’s gold.”





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