Juliette finished her course work for a Master’s in accounting in 2015. Has had internships since, the most recent being with l’ONEA, the state water company, which ended in December. Luckily, she continues to live rent-free in a flat paid for by her former roommate’s mother, who uses it as a pied-à-terre. Our former intern Marion, who lives with a friend who has a small hotel in Ouagadougou, asked Juliet to apply for a position as a full-time accountant. She had a successful try-out, but found the starting salary unacceptably low (60,000 f CFA/$100 a month). She turned them down. (Came to us through our sister association in France, Solidarité.)


Juliette Ouedraogo has finished her coursework for her Master’s in accounting. She hopes to defend her thesis this year. An administrative official at her university told us she has a deadline of one year from the end of her courses to defend. (Day 16 and Day 17.)

She is currently doing an internship at a firm that distributes generic drugs. Dr. Traoré, director of our Health Fund, was instrumental in setting up this firm many years ago. During our visit, the director came down to greet him. He asked the director about a full-time job for Juliette. “We’d love to, but…” was his answer.



Juliette, majoring in audit/accounting; began her second and final year of course work in early 2015 in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso’s second largest city in the far west of the country. Degree expected 2016.



Consistently high grades. Her best yet were in 2014 when she finished with nearly 16/20. We’ve supported her since 2010.

She benefited from our Health Fund. She had been troubled for years with abdominal pain. The Director of our Fund, Dr. Traoré, took an interest and had her diagnosed. Her problem was fixed with a change in diet. She was smiling for the first time in years.



Juliette has been our beneficiary since 2010. She received a certificate in accounting from the University of Koudougou in 2012, then switched to a university in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina’s second-biggest city. She got her Licence degree in 2013 and is now in her first year for a Master’s.

JulietteHer grades have been consistently good. She had a rough time in her first year in Koudougou. She caught typhoid. It was misdiagnosed as malaria. It was because of Juliette that I contacted Dr. Etienne Traore of the UN World Health Organization to ask for advice. I dreamed of having a Health Fund so that our students would not lose so much class time because of illness.

We applied for a grant from the UN Women’s Guild in Geneva. Last December they generously gave us 5,900 Swiss francs (4 845€/$6,683). Dr. Traoré retired last year and accepted to be Director of the Fund as a volunteer. Juliette is now in good hands, since Dr. Traoré lives in Bobo.

Juliette showing Dr. Etienne Traoré her new apartment.

Juliette and Dr. Traoré in 2014

Juliette was lucky to find a roommate who is not as poor as she is. She’s shared a comfortable apartment with her for three years now. This year they moved into a nicer and bigger one because her roommate’s mother took a job in Bobo and now lives with them.

Still, it’s pretty basic. Juliette showed us the bedroom she shares with her roommate. Clothing is folded neatly on the floor; there are no dressers. In fact, no furniture at all. The mattresses they sleep on are leaned against the wall to give them more space during the day.

Juliette's bedroom


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