Anne-Géraude is in her first year as a human resource management major. She’s joined the English Club in preparation for a bi-lingual course program in her second year. She was elected class representative and is eager to go to Ghana during the summer break with the English Club. (Solidarité)



The photo above was taken in 2015 during our first encounter with Anne-Géraude. Her grades weren’t very good, and, in fact, she failed her baccalaureate exam that year. Her mother had recently had a breast removed because of cancer and was depressed, which depressed Anne-Géraude.

She pulled herself together in 2016 and passed the “bac”. She wanted to go to law school. We didn’t think this was a good idea; we weren’t sure she was strong enough. In the end, she decided on human resources management; we agreed. The institute is in Bobo Dioulasso, where she lives, so she will be able to stay at home with her mother.