Edwige finishes a two-year Master’s program in human resource management this year. She hopes to defend her thesis by the end of the year. She will take the national competitive exam in August. She had a good grade average last year of 12,78/20. (Recommended by Ker Soleil.)


Edwige Kankouan finished her Licence degree in marketing at an institute in Koudougou, and applied to do a Master’s in Ouagadougou. But in the end she decided to return to her old school. We redid her budget. (Day 10 and Day 11.)



She is a serious student and finished her first year Master’s study with good grades. She is starting her second and last year.


Edwige is in her third and last year of a Licence in marketing. She wants a Master’s in same, and is intrigued by McGill University’s interest in sub-Saharan African women. But she will settle for Ouagadougou University’s Institut Africain de Management.


Her father is retired with a pension; her mother retires this year but without a pension because she worked for less than the minimum wage. I chatted with Edwige and her Dad.


She’d arranged a meeting for us with a member of the administration, but he doesn’t have much to tell us. There are no grades yet. He does give us a brochure outlining the infinite number of job possibilities for a Marketing major.


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