Estelle was the patient of Dr. Lydie Tapsoba of our Health Fund, who recommended her to us. She wants to be a dress-maker, so we enrolled her in the dress-making school of Noëlie Zongo, our representative in Koudougou. (Lydie Tapsoba)


Dr. Lydie Tapsoba, Deputy Director of our Health Fund, had been treating Estelle for years. Estelle depends on medication to stay alive. Her mother died of the same disease. Her father remarried, but his new wife did not want Estelle in the house. Lydie asked us to help; she said that Estelle would like to study dressmaking.

Our representative in Koudougou, where Estelle is living, is Noëlie Zongo, a seamstress. She has been running a sewing school for years and years. We asked her to accept Estelle as one of her students. She accepted gladly.


Noëlie Zongo

We are financing Estelle’s formation at Noëlie’s school.