Françoise is in the first of a two-year program in agriculture. She had very bad grades in secondary school, so she is a bit of a gamble for us. Her institute demands that she maintain a grade average of 12/20. We have our fingers crossed. (Solidarité)


We interviewed Françoise in January 2015 at her mother’s home. Her father had died 14 years before. She and her twin brother François were that last of six children. Her mother is a subsistence farmer and seems happy with her life.

Françoise’s Mom.

Françoise’s Mom

Françoise did not pass her baccalaureate exam that year. She repeated the year and then failed it again in 2016. But there are options for higher education without the “Bac”, one of which is agriculture. So, following in her mother’s footsteps, Françoise opted for a major agricultural institute in Bobo Dioulasso. (We already have one graduate from there, Natacha.) We agreed.