Jacqueline is finishing a two-year Master’s program in environment and sustainable development. She became pregnant in early 2017 and we’re waiting to see if she will be able to finish her last year normally. (Solidarité)


Jacqueline Yameogo finished a three-year program in geography at the University of Koudougou. She doesn’t have her results because the professors were on strike for five months for non-payment of salaries. However, she was able to sign up for a Master’s program in environment and sustainable development at l’ISIG (New Dawn University) in Ouagadougou. Since January 25th, she has been living with an uncle, along with her sister Pélagie, until they can find an apartment together. (Day 10 and Day 23.)

Pélagie then married, leaving Jacqueline to find another roommate, which she did. Her first-year grades were good, and she is moving on to her second and final year for her Master’s.



Jacqueline is Pélagie’s younger sister. Their father, who had three wives, had only two daughters by their mother. He passed away in 2012. Jacqueline initially wanted to stay at home close to her mother. She expects to finish her studies for the Licence degree in geography at the University of Koudougou this year.

Jacqueline and her Mom, January 2013.

Jacqueline and her Mom, January 2013.

She’s now ready to leave home. She wants to study sustainable development and the environment in the capital, Ouagadougou. We want to see that happen.

Jacqueline, January 2015.

Jacqueline, January 2015.



Jacqueline is now in her second year of geography at the University of Koudougou. She wants to be a geologist, which, given the current mining boom in Burkina Faso, offers hope of employment. Her grades the first year was decent—over 12/20 the first semester, dropping to over 11/20 the second.

2014 Jacqueline

After two years of geography, she will transfer to a university in the capital to study geology.

Jacqueline lives with her Mom. Her Dad died in 2012. We give her support for food and supplies as well as pay her tuition and fees.

Jacqueline at desk

Jacqueline’s Mom’s house has no electricity, so this year we bought her a solar lamp. We also gave her money to buy a new bicycle, but she bought a used one instead and with the leftover money bought this desk. She’s proud of it.


Email: info@chanceforchangecharity.org