Marie-Thérèse K


Marie-Thérèse K started in a Licence program in contemporary literature at the University of Koudougou. Had a life-threatening intestinal tumor; we paid for the operation. A friend photocopied her course notes so that she could study from home while convalescing. We hope she will succeed this year. (Solidarité)


Marie-Thérèse finished her secondary studies at the Lycée Sainte-Monique with good grades. I interviewed her in January 2016 and she said she wanted to study modern languages and become a teacher.

Marie-Thérèse Kiemtore

Marie-Thérèse Kiemtore

I visited her parents, who are subsistence farmers. Their two-room home has no electricity. Marie-Thérèse sleeps in the living room on the concrete floor with two younger brothers. They seem happy as a family.


We agreed to finance Marie-Thérèse’s education at the University of Koudougou.