Pélagie R


Pélagie Roamba is in her first year of law school. We normally discourage our beneficiaries from going to law school because the dropout rate is so high. Pélagie had strong grades in secondary school, so we took a chance. She used to walk the 2-3 kms to university, but then the campus moved to 8 kms from her home. So we bought her a bicycle. (Solidarité)



We visited Pélagie’s school in January 2016; the director told us that in the first trimester Pélagie ranked 17th out of 72 students. We met with her the next day and she told us she wanted to study law. Unlike her sister Anne-Géraude, we thought Pélagie had the potential. We said yes.

We paid a visit to their Mom, who was doing better this year after cancer surgery. Their father is a school teacher, on the border with Mali, and only gets home once a month. But he is able to help with the cost of her medication.




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