Rokia is in her second of a three-year nursing program. Her average the first year was an impressive 16/20. She has a five-year-old son but couldn’t marry his father because of family opposition based on religion. She’s highly motivated and doing well. (Recommended by Odile Pagezy.)


Rokia Sanogo goes to the same nursing school as Mouniratou and is also in her first year. She lives with family (her mother died in childbirth in 2004; her father works in the Ivory Coast). She has a son, whose father visits often but they could not marry because of family opposition (she is Muslim, he is Catholic). (Day 16 and Day 18.)

Rokia, proudly holding the computer we gave her.

Rokia, proudly holding the computer we gave her.

She successfully completed her first of a three-year program and is taking computer classes on the side to learn how to use the used Dell we gave her.