Safiatu is in her second and last year of training as a primary school teacher. She is married and has a two-year-old son. Her husband is studying school administration at the University of Koudougou. She is spending most of her second year practice teaching. She will take her final exams in June. Will take the national competitive exam for public service in August. (Recommended by Odile Pagezy.)


Safiatu Sanogo is beginning a two-year program of training for primary school teachers. Her husband hadn’t been doing much, but since Safiatu starting going to school he did so too. He’s in a school administration training program. His school provides housing, so they live with their 15-month-old son Samir in a two-room apartment. (Day 14.)

Safiatu with the Director of her school.

Safiatu with the Director of her school.

She successfully completed the first of a two-year program and hopes to finish in 2017.