Thérèse is repeating her first year of law school. We sent her to a public school, which fell hopelessly behind. So we financed her study this year at a private university. She lives in a rented home with three sisters; there is no electricity. We’re waiting to see if she makes it. (Recommended by Marie Battas/Sister Vitaline)


Thérèse Millogo, like Ursula, thought she was qualified for a state scholarship, so she sat for five months waiting for the government announcement, which was late. In the end, the government raised the bar to qualify and Thérèse didn’t get the fellowship. So we stepped in. She’s enrolled as a first-year law major. But to get to university she needed a bicycle. So we bought her one. (Day 17.)

Thérèse on her new bicycle.

Thérèse on her new bicycle.

She enrolled in the state university law school, which was months late. Finally we decided to give up on that school and send her to a private university. She will repeat her first year in 2016-17.