Ursula had finished secondary school with a strong average qualifying her for a government scholarship. However, the Government was in chaos due to a failed coup attempt and the scholarships weren’t forthcoming. We stepped in and paid for her to go to a private university, where she majored in English/French translation. She finished her first year with an 11,83 average despite having missed the first two months of courses. Her class will spend their third year vacation in Ghana where they will perfect their English. We encouraged her to apply for a Fulbright Fellowship and to help her with her English offered to send her to Ghana for the 2017 vacation to give her a leg up. A good contact in Ghana is looking for a host family. (Solidarité)


Ursula Bado had an average of 14/20 when she finished secondary school, which more than qualified her for a state scholarship. But the Government, like the universities, is behind due to the political turmoil of last year. We have a policy of not offering scholarships to those eligible for state grants. So we were in a bind. The Government was five months late in announcing the scholarship results. Ursula was losing a semester. When I met her and her Mom, there were tears all around. (Days 12, 17, and 21.)

Eventually we gave up on the Government and offered her a deal. We’ll pay tuition, lunch money, transport, hygiene and health if her uncle puts her up and feeds her in the evenings. Agreed. She is in her first year as an English major. Everyone is happy now.




Email: info@chanceforchangecharity.org