Laure Estelle


Laure Estelle a terminé ses cours pour le Master 2 (lettres modernes) mais elle n’a jamais soutenu. Elle a réussi au concours national et elle a enseigné sans salaire pendant un an. Depuis le mois de novembre dernier elle reçoit un salaire de 200.000 CFA par mois. Elle a un ami qui est enseignant. Tout va bien. (Solidarité)


She passed her Government Service test last October; she is obliged to do a year’s National Development Service (that is, work for free). She is teaching secondary school in Kalsaka, north of Ouagadougou.

I wasn’t able to meet with her this year, although I did meet with her father. (Day 20.) I suspect she will not defend her thesis and therefore not get her Master’s Degree in contemporary literature. But she will have lifetime security as a Government official (school teacher).


For Laure Estelle, we had financed her last year of study for the Licence degree and two years for the Master’s. She was low budget; her tuition was about $20 a year. She wants to be a secondary school teacher.

Then her mother got ill with a heart ailment. To help pay for her mother’s medication, which she will have to take for the rest of her life, Laure Estelle accepted a substitute teacher’s job in Kalsaka, 230 km north of Ouagadougou. She was in the middle of nowhere. There is no library; she couldn’t work on her thesis. She would like to take a year to finish her thesis and defend it. But the deadline for defending is July 2015. We advised her to request an extension from the University of Koudougou and quit her teaching job at the end of this school year, in May. Aim to finish the thesis and defend it in 2016.

In Kalsaka, she has three classes of a 100 students each. Every month, she sends money to her mother for her medicine. She would like to take a year to finish her thesis and defend it.



Laure EstelleLaure Estelle finished her course work for her Master’s in contemporary literature in 2013. She had an average of 13.5 her last year, which is good.

She has wanted to work either as a teacher or in public service. She didn’t succeed in the competitive exam for the public service, and she is still waiting for the results of a similar exam for teaching. Meanwhile, her intention is to re-enter the University of Koudougou and finish her thesis. We think she can make it if the lack of resources in the family doesn’t pull her down.