Sophie a terminé trois ans de formation en santé en 2015. Elle a réussi au concours national et travaille actuellement près de Koudougou. (Solidarité)


Sophie Sondo thanks us for the supplementary funding that we gave her for her internship in the Bush. She took her final nursing exam last June and passed. She took her nursing certification exam and passed that too. Then she took the test for Government Service. There were 32 candidates for Koudougou, and only 10 vacancies. Sophie finished 6th out of 32—she got the job she wanted! (Day 6 and Day 24.)

She was to be assigned at the end of February. There will be no salary at first, although she will be given housing and uniforms. Mom doesn’t live far—she will give Sophie some food. But eventually she will get paid. What will she do with the money? Help her Mom and her three younger brothers, all of whom are in school.




Sophie a grandi dans un village rural que nous avons visité cette année.

Sophie’s home in Imasgo.

La maison de Sophie à Imasgo.

Elle a rencontré des difficultés pour obtenir son diplôme d’études secondaires, mais a fini par réussir après trois tentatives avec un minimum de 10/20. Mais à l’école d’infirmières, elle a eu plus de 16/20 chaque année. Elle veut devenir sage-femme. Elle étudie à Ouagadougou et vit chez un oncle. Il y a actuellement une pénurie de sages-femmes au Burkina.

Sophie, left, in Ouagadougou with her uncle and members of his family.

Sophie, à gauche, à Ouagadougou avec son oncle et des membres de sa famille.


SophieWe like to call Sophie our Miracle Girl. It took her three tries to pass her secondary school diploma. And when she succeeded on the third try, it was with the minimum—10/20. You would have assumed that she wasn’t very bright. But she has fight. Three times she rode her bicycle 50 km (35 miles) to come meet with us. She consistently said that she wanted to be a midwife. And she got into nursing school in the capital. Her first year’s grades averaged over 16/20—an extraordinary achievement. She’s now studying what she wants and what she likes. It’s easy.

She’s now in her second year and her professor of endocrinology told us she’s doing well. She will have her nursing degree in 2015.

We shared a joke with Sophie; her professor of endocrinology was between us.

We shared a joke with Sophie; her professor of endocrinology was between us.